How Can We Help? Real Estate Agents Work for You to Sell Your Home

How Can We Help

When it comes time to sell your home, many homeowners think they can do it themselves and pocket more money. However, they forget the time and headaches involved in returning phone calls, messages, and emails from prospective buyers. That’s not counting having to filter out “just looking” from serious inquiries.

If you are working full time or trying to raise a family, do you really have time to add another thing to your already overscheduled life? If you are retired, consider your safety when it comes to having random strangers tour your property.

A real estate agent does all that and more. They make themselves available to actively market your home, answer questions, schedule showings, and handle other negotiations to close a deal.

Core Realty’s experienced and knowledgeable agents work on your behalf. They are your advocate and can take the stress, emotion, and guesswork out of listing and showing your home or commercial property. They work hard to put a “sold” sign out front.

Here are six ways agents can help sell your home


1. Pricing your home to sell

Experienced real estate agents can help you set a fair and competitive selling price. If you have lived in your home for 20 or 30 years, it may be hard to know its true value – or you may have an emotional attachment. You may have a price in mind, but it may be unrealistic based on the area or needed repairs. Conversely, you may be underpricing major updates and features.

Coming up with a competitive yet profitable price can greatly improve how quickly your home sells. It never hurts to have a second, unbiased opinion, especially an opinion of a professional. Your agent understands how location, year built, style of home, and amenities such as acreage or outbuildings factor into a unique pricing strategy. They will be attentive to your particular situation, including your bottom dollar, and know the value of homes with similar features.

2. Know the community, home markets

Real estate agents are familiar with the community and unique selling points of specific neighborhoods (schools, parks, walkability, lake frontage). They are in tune with the local and national real estate market, which is constantly changing. Even outside factors such as school district, crime rates, and property tax rates can all impact how long a home stays on the market.

In addition, successful real estate agents have contacts within the market they serve. They may know another client or agent with a buyer looking for a home like yours.

3. Handling and processing paperwork

The legalities of selling a home and the mounds of paperwork and documents required can be overwhelming. There are rules and regulations required for every real estate transaction. It’s essential to prepare and execute a binding legal contract between you and the buyer. In addition, do you want to deal with the title company, appraiser, home inspector, and a buyer’s mortgage company? Your agent acts as the middle man. Realtors handle all the necessary paperwork so you have peace of mind and nothing comes back on you once the home is sold.

4. Marketing your home

The days of relying on word of mouth, an ad in the paper or a sign in your yard to bring in the best price or make a quick sale are long gone. Today, most potential buyers increasingly search online. Core’s agents work with a team of marketing professionals to market your home on multiple platforms and websites. They are willing to take photos, write a unique property summary, host open houses, run advertisements, share the listing on social media outlets, and follow-up on all inquiries. A good agent will pursue every lead and work hard to aggressively market your home.

5. Staging and other selling points

Your agent can give you tips on how to stage your home for showings and open houses. They may notice minor damages that could increase your home’s value if fixed. Your agent wants to see you get top-dollar for your home, so pay attention if they offer suggestions – and don’t take it personally. They may recommend you pack up valuables and personal items, spend the weekend decluttering, repaint a few rooms or clean up the yard. Small updates can increase your home’s value and improve curb appeal.

6. Negotiating and closing the deal

Finding an interested buyer is usually the easy part. You want to make sure you don’t settle for a low-ball offer or waste time with unqualified prospects. In addition, do you really want to hassle with every person who enquires about your home? That is why you hire a realtor. They have a vested interest in selling your home quickly for your asking price. They are trained to know when to let a bad offer go, and when to do whatever is necessary to close the deal.

Core’s agents will help you get the best price and work hard to negotiate with buyers who make a counter-offer or have extra demands. When a solid buyer comes to the table, your agent will follow the transaction, address any issues on your behalf, and celebrate with you at closing!

Whether you want to sell your home or buy a new one, the caring and committed realtors at Core Realty Partners will do their part to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible. They can give you tips for readying your home for the market and guide you through the selling process. Call us today to list your home or start the search for your next home!